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I am Alice

Last night I dreamed that my uncle died and his wake was held in a saloon. The body sat upright in a coffin, while next to it, young girls with legs as thin as pencils danced hoochie dances on the wooden bar tables, while my drunken cousins hooted and hollered and told the girls how brave they were. One girl's name was Cassidy and the other girl had no name, but her legs kept bending at odd, rounded angles, as if her body was putting too much pressure on the limbs. She was wearing a mini dress and couldn't have been more than twelve. Her pigtails flipped and swayed as she danced and my uncle's corpse wore a look of embarassed amusement. I went to a wake tonight. Because of the dream, I was hesitant to walk into the funeral home, but was greatly relieved to find that there were no dancing teenagers or drunken cousins. However, there was a huge floral arrangement made to look like the Ace of Hearts, which gave the room a very surreal quality. leading me to believe that the Queen of Hearts herself was going to walk in at any moment and start beating the bereaved with a croquet club. So I left.


Sorry to hear about your loss.

That's one weird dream.

Playing with the queen of hearts,
knowing it ain't really smart
The joker ain't the only fool
who'll do anything for you

Now that song is stuck in my head.
I wanna leave...

Dreams. Windows of the past, present, and future all wrapped up in a confusing package only a few gypsys, and mexican witch women can interpret.

Saloons? Dancing at a wake? Drinking?

Your Irish ain't ya.

Thanks for the sitemeter update. WTF is wrong with it anyways? You know?