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picture of the day

The nephew. [warning, the pop up size is HUGE]


Great picture. The look on his face is priceless. Looks alot like the one my nephew gives me.

"Hurry-up and take the picture, I have some sliding to do!"

That is such a great expression on his face! Deep in thought, pondering the mysteries of...the sandbox?

aaawwww, I love pics of little kids that aren't all happy/smiley. He's so cute!

I see that expression in the mirror all the time.

It looks like he's trying to solve the problems of the world.

this pic is just screaming "Caption Contest."

Great pic! He looks like your average little boy...always occupied and not wanting to stop for silly things like pictures.

I particularly like the "Shalom" on the garden rock.

He is SO CUTE!

"The Thinker"


"I wonder if I could convince Auntie Michele to get me that action figure..."

Love this!