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I've had some interest from various places in putting together a book of the best of ASV. If you've ever gone back and read your own stuff (she knows what I mean), then you know how difficult it is to pick out the good stuff because in retrospect it all looks like shit to the author. So my request is this: If I were to put together a "best of" list, is there something in particular you would like to see on it? I appreciate the help. You'll all be mentioned on the dedication page of my first book "How to Not Strangle Your Children on Mother's Day."


That last post would be one.

I really think that you have to include some of your "Voices Project" posts.

And a section on why comic books and video games make you cool.

Glad I'm not the only one in the strangling mood, aye aye, aye! Can't ANYone watch a baseball game in peace?!?!

Oh and I still love the post about meeting Justin in PA. One of my very faves!

You MUST include "Do Not Pee In the Millenium Falcon."

It's brilliant.

The very best banner ever!!!

I personally have always loved the unique and more honest touching vows that you and Justin decided not to share in public at your ceremony. Every time I go to a wedding, I think of them and laugh my ass off.

Kathy beat me to it - I was thinking about the Millenium Falcon. All the way. The vows are also one of my personal favorites. (Mike & I agreed that we aren't writing our own - but if I was, I would use that for inspiration.)

In many cultures, France in particular, it is considered an insult to turn one's back on someone. Universally, it is considered rude and inconsiderate not to face your audience.

Annie? Did you somehow wander into the wrong classroom?

Gee, Michele - I think you could do several books - one on your best rants, one on music, one on sports, one on politics.

And I buy every one.

I remember vividly the time that Indymedia attacked you as a "Zionazi Jewprogandist" and tried to attack your site. It was wonderful seeing this international organization with pretensions of being the rising voice of the masses of The People going nuts because of a few posts on a site run by a court employee in Long Island. I thought it was hilarious and that the attention paid to you by this fairly large, albeit extremely nutty, organization, consistuted "A Small Victory" in some weird sense.

Also don't overlook the comment sections. I have seen you knock down several morons with excellent rants in the comment sections. Some of these rants might be appropriate for a "Best of A Small Victory".

Definitely...DEFINITELY...the Burger King salad review.
I still crap myself with laughter thinking about it.

Here, here for the Burger King review as well.

Christina Aguilera's crotch...

Dammit! We'll print it! You pay for the dead trees...everything else gratis
shit...used french again...

Suggestion: Create a category called "Best of..." and any time you write something you're particularly proud of, just stick it in there. That way in the future you have an archive of possible contenders for reprinting.

That said? Honestly my favorite pieces are the one on your wedding, and that column you did on baseball for the newspaper. Don't know if you own the rights to the latter or not.

Blowing Roger Clemens.

All of the abovementioned, surely.

And the one where you spit on the asshole.

The essay from Raisin' Hell about shopping for Halloween costumes when DJ wanted to be Christina Aguilera and you and Natalie convinced him to be a baseball player in a dress (Mike Piazza! Again.)

Well, I don't know if you're looking for this sort of thing, but I used PublishAmerica to publish my novel. They don't do a lot of promotion and such, but they will pay you and it's NOT subsidy publishing -- if you do decide to do this book, do NOT do subsidy publishing.

Your St. Patrick's Day post about gathering with your friends in Central Park. It was just -- ya know -- real nice.

Edw.: ...nah...not worth it.

"in retrospect it all looks like shit to the author"

who gave you my books?

The post where you spit at the kids in the car.

There was one about the woman in Target that was hysterical. I think there's several good posts about Target come to think of it.

I don't think I ever saw the post about you meeting Justin in PA. I read every day but sometimes have to play catch-up on the weekends since I read from work. (shhh...) I'd love to read that one...could you put it up - or if you think it's good enough, put it in the book and I'll buy it.