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Happy Mother's Day

This one's for all the moms out there. Hope you all enjoy your day. [click for oversized] [I have no idea how Kermit ended up on the plant stand. He was there when I went outside this morning. But he seems rather happy, so I'll leave him]


I dunno, Michele. It looks more like he was strung up by the Columbians as a warning to the other amphibians moving in on their territory.

Happy Mother's Day Michele!!!! I LOVE the baseball pic up top!!!!

The picture of the Little League baseball game at the top of the blog is wonderfully appropriate for Mother's day. It is especially appropriate for Mother's day for YOU. Happy Mother's Day.

Happy Mother's Day!

Oh, and I love the baseball pic in the banner. The artsy-fartsy-ness of it is very cool. Looks like stained glass.