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Is it me or is my site ridiculously slow today? It's taking forver to load up. I tried taking down the squirrel banner, but apparently that wasn't it. Or maybe it's just me?


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Its fine here. I liked the blue!

I've noticed that my internet access in general is slow(er) today. I thought it was because I was downloading files, but it's still slower with that turned off. Hmm...maybe the Internet has a lot of traffic today?

btw, the Squirrel Banner cracked me up. I'm waiting to see what your new design will be. :)

It's loading fine here, too.

Make it a cat and I'll bitch every 5 minutes. :)

I've seen this on several other sites the last couple of days -- the common thread seems to be the blogads. I wonder if maybe their server isn't hiccuping a bit.

I wish to complain about the site design. Actually, I have no problem with the design; I just hate squirrels.

I'm with RonAA. Fry the squirrels!

It's taking about 10 seconds to load up here. Checked my download speed, and I'm getting average (~450KB/s), so it's most likely something you're linking to that's having a problem.

Or it;s the little furry animal...

I like the new design. Very summer-esk.

Yeah, the red does make me think summer and warmth.

Change can be good.

Freaking little squirrel Nutkins!
The nut gathering eco-terrorist
needs to burn in Hell!
And the Old Owl was right to bite
off Nutkins tail. Served the punk

We've got a squirrel problem in our yard... Mind if I tear your design to shreds?

I was trying to think of a nice way to put this earlier, but, well, here it is.

Aw, C'mon! Do we HAVE to bitch about the design to torch a tree rat?

There has GOT to be an easier way...

Boy, and I thought I would have been the only one here who hates those nasty little rodents. The only cool squirrel drives a miniature van and "writes" romance audio novels. T-t-t-todd is bitchin'!

I feel kind of bad about cute, furry squirrels burning in hell.

Can we change that to an opossum?

Wow, you guys certainly hate squirrels!

Me too, the malevelent shrub-killing vermin. Death to all members of family Sciuridae, say I, unless it's Red Squirrels, which are cute (and "cain't even be eaten all frah'd up in a big mess with roastin' ears an' gravy," or so my squirrel-eating sources inform me).

Given that i'm in the "Death to all Squirrels" camp, I think you need to change the psa to something for which i'd actually feel BAD about sending to a toasty-crispy end.

how about a nice teddy bear?

Bring back Lenore!!!

I'd like to think that Lenore would approve of us killing squirrels...

Better squirrels than kittens.