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the blue phase

Update 5/9: The blue phase ended this morning and I decided to keep putting up different graphics and colors until the new site is ready, just to annoy you. Because for some reason, site changes really do annoy some of you. GET OVER IT! I swear to you, the midis come out next. And it won't be Led Zeppelin. It will be Barbra Streisand. Temporary. I had to let Lenore go, so this will do until I come up with something better. You say you don't like it? What? WHAT? WHAT?? Update: Did I mention that I really don't care if you like it or not? Good. Because if anyone else sends me an email complaining (yes, people are that nervy), tomorrow I'll break out the animated flames, dancing hamsters and Led Zeppelin midis I've been saving since 1996. It's temporary, people. Deal.



Bye Bye Lenore, Its as if I didn't even know you.

But I know I liked you more than the blue. lol Red is much more fitting such a fiery talent as yourself madam.


Geez, Michele. It looks like those dudes with the bats are going for your head!

Then again, with all the crap you have had to put up with lately, maybe it is fittingly symbolic.

Go with what you like. I am here for your words......

Please, please, please! Bring out the Led Zep midis! Even in cheesy midi form, the Hammer of the Gods can crush all that calls itself rock music today.

I guess I'm the only one who's still seeing the Lenore graphic? lenhead44.jpg

But I've got current post content so I'm definitely getting the fresh html here.

I'm confused.


it SUCKS!!! Blue Sucks...effin sucks, yada yada blah blah...OK. It doesn't really suck. But I do want Zep and Fire!
Fire! FIRE!!! So if complaining gets some flamin Zep action, then blue SUCKS!

Am I strange for thinking "animated flames, dancing hamsters and Led Zeppelin midis" sounds kind of cool? It'd be different. Or maybe I'm just WAY too tired to be thinking about it. I'm trying a long overdue redesign myself, and I'm now questioning my own taste. Note to self: 2330 is probably too late to be redesigning site after moving boxes into storage all day. Nah.


You could always go with a gay iguana marriage theme, you know, considering...

Quiet people, she said dancing hamsters!

She's serious!

As I said before, I don't think Lenore goes with the "Bang!" "Pow!" Batman look.

Heh. She wouldn't really use dancing hamsters and Led Zeppelin MIDIs.

I don't buy it.

Why am I fearing Led Zeppelin MIDIs providing the soundtrack to Dancing Lenores?

Shit! I broke Bill's blog!

uh oh

I'm trying to think back, and I may be wrong, but I can't think of a single time that I visited your site just so that I could look at your banner.

Nope. Not once.

Blue, red, black, clear. Whatthefuckever. Just keep on a-writin'.

I prefer it! I found the previous design a bit difficult to read to be honest! I find simple designs are best. :-)

Animated GIFs and abckground MIDIs... one day, they will come back like bell bottoms and lava lamps.

Two words - Badger Mushroom
that would be far worse than dancing hamsters.

please o please put the dancing hamsters on.

Dancing Hamsters! Dancing Hamsters over Animated Flames! Yeah! Dance for me you little furballs! Woo Woo.

just wanted to wish you a Happy Mothers Day, Michele.

I happen to hate squirrels, so you're only encouraging me. So I'm going to say, "Down with the Red, bring back the Blue!"

PS And no, you can't win, so just learn to accept the bitching.

Parsley Boy, I'm with you. :-)
I dont mind getting rid a a few bushytail treeclimbing rodents... :-P
The site design I dont have a problem with though, as long as the text is readable :-)

PS: If you really want to make that a threat, change it to a kitten. For some reason people get extremely upset whenever a kitten is threatened... :-)
Me, I love cats. They taste just like chicken... :-P

The red goes better with the Lenore graphic. There is still a Lenore in that header graphic, right? It's not just my medication, right?

Too bad, I liked the comic book motif.

I once saw a Japanese site for prairie dog fanciers. Its background had a rain of dancing prairie dogs.

I couldn't find it again, so you'll just have to make do with this.

Dance, varmints! Dance!

You know where all the complaints are going to come from now don't you? The Gay Mafia. Streisand and Dancing Hamsters?


Yeah, you're right, I need more coffee.

I agree with Lair. Heck send me the animated gifs and midis, I don't mind sticking them on my site.

Hey, you could always skin the site and offer three or four different design schemes to satisfy your readership. :)

I agree with Lair. Heck send me the animated gifs and midis, I don't mind sticking them on my site.

I like the banner you have up now - the baseball boys on the bench. Very nice.

Mostly I just love the fact that I cain't never tell what I'm gonna find when I come to visit. Your obsession for logo-making is showing.

And it is good.

"I swear to you, the midis come out next. And it won't be Led Zeppelin. It will be Barbra Streisand."

Oh, please use Steisand's 'rendition' of Jingle Bells!