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Here's some good news (WR)

Go and check this out. Keep in mind, the broad that runs this joint had a big hand in helping these folks out. For which she has my gratitude. Thanks Michele.


Sunglasses - anyone have any idea how much cheap single plastic lens/frame sunglasses cost? I would imagine in bulk the price would be under a dollar. Crates of them could be shipped through SoA for the troops to hand out - they are in the desert (duh). A box of hundreds would be easy to fit in the back of a humvee and hand out to anyone that wanted them - although the Frisbee thing is rather cool. A direct link to American revolution in California in 60's and 70's. Growing up with a Frisbee and when they get older and thinkabout it and look it up will give them a heart thug to American freedom.

The kids are the key to a successful change. It takes years to irradicate bad attitudes - get the kids and the battle fights itself.