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Fall back! It's a trap! (WR)

Ok, full disclosure - the post about how life was great at Circuit City was about as reliable as a Peter Arnett report from Baghdad. Actually, I had a red-shirted minion hovering around me wondering what I was doing with the HP Media Center laptop I was playing with. He sortof left me alone after he saw I was saying nice things about the place. Actually, it was going ok, till I finished saying how wonderful it all was, then walked up to the Camera counter. Seems I was just in time for the effing parade. Parade? Yeah, the parade of people just browsing or pretending to want to buy a camera, and monoplizing the two sales guys' time. One woman, with three kids in tow, asked the kid the same two questions about the same two cameras about five or six times. The pain agony was obvious on the sales kid's face. This tells me I'm not cut out for retail sales - on maybe the third and certainly by the fourth go round, I would have probably used the Digital Rebel, swinging it on the end of the security lanyard like a bolo, and whacked her upside the head with it. Probably a poor customer relations technique. Finally, the guy gets to me. Exactly two questions - 'what type of battery?' and 'it does include a USB cable, correct?'. I picked up a set of rechargables plus charger, and less than 3 minutes 37 seconds after the terminally clueless woman wandered off still mumbling with technical confusion, I was out the door with a Nikon Coolpix 2100 in the bag. Badabing...well, you know the rest. Sidenote to Ken - they have an Oyster Point road that changes to Victory Blvd where it crosses I-64 then passes by a PUD named Kiln Creek in Yazoo too! Now, after fiddling around and having the camera software refuse to recognize that the camera was attached...yank the memory card, and put it in a flash reader and...

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Circuit City is like old fish. It was good once upon a time but now it just stinks.
I worked there in high school and begining college. Used to have a lot of good sales people, real professionals, making fairly decent money. Than in an effort to streamline I guess, they replaced real salesmen and women with 6 dollar an hour after school workers and ended the commission. Thus no one really cared anymore whether you the customer was being helped at all. At least when I was getting paid to sell you stuff talking to the inevietable dumbies was tolerable. But shortly after the well was dry so to speak I, along with many others, was out the door.
Try Comp USA or the net. Hell even Depot or OfficeMax IMHO has beter service and selection if you count there ordering ability from their respective catalogs.

P.S. Parades always happen at the DigiCams. There is usually only one person who has a clue (Me when I was there) and no one else wants to learn (Mainly because they arent getting any type of beni for doing so). So you get 1 guy talking to 100 people about confusing and perplexing technology that most who have the money to buy don't understand at all.

BTW shoppers like the lady with the kids are one of the great joys of retail work. Either by laughing at them while they are there with you in the store, or by telling a great (and sometimes exagerated) story about them with a beer in hand after work.
Believe me I have thousands. Like the guy who put his keyboard in the dishwasher and wanted me to replace it because it didn't work. lol

Congrats on your new toy. I own a Nikon Coolpix 4100 myself, and I have never been anything but happy with it.
Small suggestion: I know you probably don't want to go berzerk with accessories and stuff, but I will recommend a polarizing filter. They just screw onto the lens mounting and it's a hell of a lot easier and cheaper to replace a filter that gets accidentally scratched up than it is to replace a LENS.

I have bad experiences with Circuit City also.

I bought a car amp there (Point Loma store, San Diego), went home, hooked it up and only one channel worked.

I switched the inputs to the amp. Same problem.
I swithed the outputs from the amp. Problem switched sides.

Problem is with the amp, right?

Took it back to the store and had to pull around back so the "Installation Experts" could check it out. I told the guy what I had done to confirm the problem and he says "these amps never have problems, it must be your stereo or your speakers."

Ummm, if the problem was with the stereo, the problem would have switched sides when I switched the input, ditto with the speakers and switching the outputs.

So, he takes his multimeter and measures the output from the stereo and the output from the amp.

"Amp is bad."

Well, no shit, I told you that.

So, I return it and expect to get a replacement. But THAT wouldn't have been any fun, now would it?

Noooo, that store is out of that model. In fact, every store in San Diego is out of that particluar amp. Earliest I can get a new one is in 7 days.

Not acceptable; where's the nearest store that actually has the amp in stock? There's a store just south of LA that has it. It's a 2 & 1/2 hour drive and they close in 2 hours.

I took my chances, made it to that store in an hour & a 1/2, picked up my new amplifier, hooked it up in the parking lot of that Circuit City (it worked) and drove home.

That was the LAST TIME I've ever been in a Circuit City.