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Hot Time Shopping (WR)

Whoo whoo! Coming to you LIVE from Circuit City at famous Yoder Plaza. Good day for shopping. The bank of wide screen HDTVs is playing Master and Commander, and there aren't a lot of folks in the store. Already stopped by PetsMart to get a new water bottle for the lardball, and may head over to Bed Bath and Beyond for an item or two. Like I said, they have it ALL here at Yoder Plaza, the retail envy of Yazoo, Mississippi. Of course, now I have to find a sales associate to help me pick out a Digital Camera so I can take a picture of the seat. Hey! You! Kid, get over here!


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Now is the time to get the Nikon Coolpix 5700!!


We have a Yoder Plaza here in Newport News VA too. It is in what 5 years ago was the Yoder Dairy farm...

Our Yoder Plaza has a Circut City, a Bed Bath and Beyond, a Pet Smart and... hmmm, this MEANS something.

sweetie, you are so Long Island.

I see Michele driving through Yoder Plaza, a la Blues Brothers: "man, this place has everything...."

Hey, we like Yazoo City down here :-P