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pardon me...

...while I barge in on Windy's excellent guest blogging. First, I just have to vent. The people who left the house we bought were supposed to clean out the garage. We were allowed to take possession of the garage today even though we aren't closing until Wednesday. This would be great, as I can start getting the big stuff out the house, making it easier to box up the rest of the stuff. So I drive over to the new house this morning. Enter the garage. I swear, they left enough crap in that garage to stuff a landfill the size of a small country. And it's not even good stuff that we could make use of. It's paint cans and assorted pieces of wood and an old, rusted out stove. There's three boxes of worn out pots and pans, about six gazillion nails and other boxes that I'm afraid to open. I'm not happy. These people are gone and they have no intention of ever claiming their garbage. Not only that, but they left about three rooms worth of furniture and junk out at the curb and a quick phone call tells me that no, they didn't call for special pick up to come get it. No, not happy at all. Anyhow, I made this last night and I'm trying to find some way to incorporate it into a header for the site (it needs some tweaking, but that's the general look it will have). Any ideas, feel free to leave them. Any dumb comments, keep them in your head. [click for bigger] Now, some of you may think I'm being a real asshole with this. And you'd be right. And that's just tough, ain't it?


Needs more cleavage.

Nice improvement over the hat from the last time we saw it...

hat? oh, yeah.

First house, we were supposed to take possession on a Saturday. Me and an army of guys show up with 4 truckloads and the garage is still full of their stuff. His plans fell through.

I don't want to be a jerk, so I say we'll park the trucks till tomorrow, but I gotta move in tomorrow.

Sunday at 3..he hasn't called, stuff is still there. I finally track him down, he whines some more, I say "no problem. Your furniture will be in the driveway.

He was there in a half hour with a flatbed and 6 friends. hmm.

It will be yours. Oh yes! So soon now...!!

If the idea is to discourage us Red Sox fans, I don't think that will have the intended effect.

You could always just incorporate a NY World Series ring into the logo. Just have "A Small Victory" around the edges of the unGodly mass of diamonds in the middle.

did they even make rings in 1918?


You say your cleavage needs some tweaking?
I would like to say I am willing to help with that project any time you are ready.

Cleavage: Yes
BoSox: No

EuroWeenie 'circle with slash' does not cut it, so cut it.

Delightful picture.

Hey! How come when I scan the UPC code at the bottom it comes up as "Mets All-Stars, Coffee Table Edition"


The two horizontal drop shadows (if that's what they are) are a little disconcerting, especially the bottom one. Get rid of the bottom drop shadow. Let the blouse (shirt, whatever) extend to the bottom and left margins behind the text. Bonus: this will also address Starhawk's bottle-fed observation.

No Way, You are not being an Asshole. This does not get above the level of a relly good Whine.


Agree with needs more cleavage! (GRIN)


you CAN'T put that in your header... I love the pic (and I actually love the fact that you PS'd it) but I KNOW the stupid blocking software at work will pick it up and catagorize you as "sex" if you put that in the header..... I just know it... so, please, please, please don't....