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What's for Lunch? (WR)

Baked? Steamed? or sauteed with some fava beans and served with a nice Chiaaaaaanti?


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burgers...break out the grill day!

I haven't had liver in ages.

I think I will have liver for lunch.

Put a ham in the oven 1/2 an hour ago - should be ready for lunch (and then lunch for a month).

Scallops and fennel on the grill.

#2 how about some
black pudding or maybe , pig brains ala Mexico?


Stuffed camel for me. Thanks.

A great big old Michael Moore style triple cheese burger with fries, rings, 32 oz Coke and a milk shake for dessert.

We're going out for Mexican.

Although, now that I think about it, a burger sounds mighty good too.