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Who wants the keys to the blog?

Today is going to be a hectic day, filled with packing, moving, a three year old nephew staying with us until tomorrow, and a wake. Aside from a little tinkering I want to do with the site and some photos I want to post, there won't be much blogging until I force the children (and probably my husband) to pass out tonight. By that I mean feed them all sleeping pills when they aren't looking so I can have some time to myself. Kidding. Really. Ok, so I'm setting a goal for myself. At 10am, I begin to tackle my Saturday Moving Chores. I turn off the computer. For real. Who wants to take over ASV today? I'm feeling like sharing today, so I'll hand the keys over to two random people who respond to my pleas for guest blogging. The only caveat is this: No political blogging. No news blogging. Today is Saturday and, my previous post notwithstanding, it should be fun day. So I'm looking for two people to share fun links, tell funny stories or just make fun of celebrities and sports stars. Email if interested. Contact info on sidebar.


I think one of the people should just be some random homeless guy you find on the street. Hand him a laptop, sit him at a McDonalds with wireless access and tell him to go to town. If he's a good writer maybe someone will want to hire him. And, maybe, he might turn out to be Jesus. Never know.

Well, I was gonna ask - but I have nothing to say that isn't political, newsy or such.

Have a great Saturday! Haven't forgotten you. I'm still getting Robert to dig up some "Employee Only" Cartoon Network ATHF stuff!

Hmmm...the power of Q...so you want it?...tempting

Hey now, Mr. Discount Blogger - you can't go giving up your own blog and then try to crash in on others!

I think this is a clear sign that you have perhaps realized the futility in closing up shop. Now get back to it!