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That Burger King done got your ass fat*

In the battle of Michael Moore v. PETA, there are no sides to take. You just grab a big bucket of buttered popcorn, sit back and watch. The way one would watch Hannibal Lecter take on Norma Bates, I assume. *


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not to be picky...but I hope you meant Norman Bates and not Norma Rae...

I would actually side with Mikey on this one. He may be an ass, but dammit, I HATE when people or groups presume to tell you how to live your life. I hate it more than I hate people with idiotic opinions. At least Michael isn't trying to tell me what to have for lunch.

We can hope that in a fit of rage, Mikey eats a few PETA posters, then chokes and dies on their flesh. That way we all win.

I was thinking Freddy vs. Jason.

Oh, John Goodman's on West Wing. That explains why I haven't seen him in a while. I thought Michael Moore ate him.

I have to agree with a different bill. I'm no fan of Moore, but telling people they're fat is just plain shitty.

Not necessarily, Mark. My cousin is dangerously overweight. His father, cousin, and uncle all died young of heart attacks. Telling him to lose weight isn't mean. It's telling him you don't want him to die.

but what if I don't care if Michael Moore dies?

ok, that was in bad taste, but somebody was thinking it..

Isn't "Norma Bates" Norman's mom, the old lady in the rocking chair? I'd pay good money to see a movie in which a psycho's mummified mom take on a cannibal.