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Press Up, Down, Start to Unzip Pants

nesbelt.jpg I want this. Badly. Oh, you think I wouldn't wear it? You are sadly mistaken, then. I would wear it with pride. And I'd wear it with this shirt. And these Zelda pins. Anyone want the cheat code to get into my pants?


If only they had an Atari joystick belt for guys to match it.

I thought I already had the cheat code to get into your pants - lots of tequila. ;)

If it comes with force-feedback underoos.

Am I the only one who saw this and thought "Captain N"?

Oliver, I was actually googling for pictures of Captain N. Came up with this. Heh.

Wait - let me guess the code. Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, B, A, select, start...

Why would we want in your pants when you aren't wearing any?

Lets see; shirt, pins, belt... nope, no pants here.

Today happens to be No Pants Day.

Not unless there's also a cheat code to unlock "sex god" mode.

I just bought a t-shirt a few weeks ago that has an Atari joystick and says "Old School" on it.

Where did you find the belt? Is it on Amazon too?

Geek points for Alex for breaking out the Konami code that dominated so many of our childhoods.

All these talented people and not ONE "joystick" joke?


It's Up Up Down Down A B Start...please try to get it right...and for those who do not know or can't remember that was the code for Metriod

Actually, ds, the it in question is Up-Up-Down-Down-Left-Right-Left-Right-B-A-Start.

The Ataris even have a song about the Konami Code: Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A

Don't throw rocks when you're living in a glass house.

I was gonna come to your defense, Dexter.

While Up Up Down Down A B Start may have worked some magic specifically for Contra, so did Up-Up-Down-Down-Left-Right-Left-Right-B-A-Start, and that ended up being memorized by so many people that Konami began using it on most of its games.

Ataris song:

I didn't even have to use my a.k.
at least I didn't get my heart broken anyway
wasting time in east new jersey.
guess I could tell you 'bout
the snow covered rooftops,
sunsets, shooting stars and picturesque backdrops.
or how I went and hung out at quick-stop
and pretended that I was in clerks.

sometimes you gotta stop and remember
that your not gonna live forever.
be young, think smart, stay true
and just follow your heart.

remember the times we watched "karate kid"
and memorized every line
skipped school and went to the arcade
hung out and played galaga all day.
stole a car and we drove to michigan.
600 miles with no destination.
except to get in the car and drive
and see where we'll end up.

sometimes you gotta stop and remember.
that your not gonna be young forever.
think smart, have fun, stay true
and don't ever grow up.

out of all I've learned in life
you always keep your friends close to your heart.
'cause who will help you if you're falling down.

and everything is o.k

- So the song isn't really about the code specifically (and it's kind of schmaltzy in that Ataris way), but I understand the why of the title - it's about remembering all the stupid shit from your youth and hanging on to it.

Sadly, I was already in my early 20's when Nintendo came out. Is that still considered my youth or to I have to stick to my Vic 20 memories?

So the song isn't really about the code specifically

Right-o. My bad.

Sadly, I was already in my early 20's when Nintendo came out. Is that still considered my youth or to I have to stick to my Vic 20 memories?

Oh, that's your youth alright.

Childhood = 0-13
Youth = 14-[insert last year's age here]

I am still young. And ain't nobody gonna tell me different.