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Micah Wright is Still a Liar

Kevin Parrott has the definitive post on Micah Wright. It includes some smart, stinging Photoshop work. I've been waiting for him to get to this. Kevin is the reason that the whole Wright deal pissed me off so much to begin with. Well, not Kevin, but the way Wright dealt with Kevin when cornered (and this was a full year ago). Kevin knew a year ago that Micah was full of shit. And now, Micah's lies come home to roost. In Micah related news, Treacher points to this Comic Book Resources post, in which it is stated that anyone who thinks that it's big news that some guy who posed as an Army Ranger for years in order to boost his anti-war rhetoric, get a book deal, pump up his career and get laid, and not in that particular order, is an idiot. Yep. Micah does all the dirty deeds and we're idiots for caring that he made a career off of duping so many people. Personally, I think you're an idiot if you're in the business and don't care. Now go read Kevin. Update: (Which has nothing to do with Micah Wright, but fits in with the lying theme) For people who claim to be truth seekers, those folks at DU sure do have a deep tolerance for liars.


I also thought the Fargo metaphor was quite fitting, if I do say so myself. "I'm cooperatin' here! What more do ya want!" But yeah, everybody should read Kevin's. It gives you the full feel of what happened.

Yeah, I liked the Fargo comparison, that was right on target.

I had a couple other WWII posters I started Photoshopping, but it was late, and they were kinda lame anyway, so I quit. Besides, the best ones are already in your Gallery.

Anyway, thanks for all the support. I still think you and Treacher had much better summaries of events than I did.

I'm pleased to see it doesn't really bother Mr. Grant that Micah Wright, among other things, took other people's stories and portrayed them as his own for his book about his "experiences" as an Army Ranger in Panama. I'm sure that it wouldn't really bother Mr. Grant if someone took his stories and plagiarized them either. Right?

This is what happens when a political movement ceases to have any actual principles it stands for, and rather defines itself solely based on who (not what, who) it opposes.

Sad to watch.

Kick ass, Kevin.

I think in Micah's case this has nothing to do with a political movement and everything to do with some form of mental illness.

I think in Micah's case this has nothing to do with a political movement and everything to do with some form of mental illness.

The difference being...?


I very much like Kevin's point that the publisher SHOULD leave in Micah's Panama Ranger claims with a correction that it is all a complete lie - let the buyer beware and then judge his work.

Considering that on the Comic Book Resource page you linked there is a long post fascinated with the Vast Conspiracy to prevent photographing the returning caskets of soldiers from Iraq - that you shouldn't have expected anything different from them.

If anyone read the stirring account of one Marine escort taking a soldier's body back to his hometown - one that he had never met - you would understand why those people deserve the honor and dignity of their journey and that DOES NOT include being photographed so the pictures can be used as political pawns.

The extreme left (question is, are they really extreme?) is just such a bunch of drooling hypocritical goons.

By the way, that story I spoke of can be found at BlackFive's.


As I've said before, Wright's claims to have been a Ranger did not buy him any credibility with the left; hence they don't feel it's significant that he lied about it. It was to buy him credibility (or at least grudging acceptance) with the right.

I agree to a certain extent with the guy at CBR that Wright's work should stand or fall on its own merits. If he were writing non-fiction (ala Glass and Blair) the lies would be more significant since they would cast into doubt the rest of his writing.

However, the CBR-dolt is tedious in the extreme with his "why don't they complain about Cheney getting paid by Halliburton" nonsense.

Michele was right to lambast Steven Grant over his CBR column. Sure, Grant thinks that Wright is deserving of the scorn he is getting, but only because he was stupid enough to get caught in his lies. However, he then goes on to dismiss the lies because he feels nobody got hurt, and he just doesn't care.

These are dangerous views for anyone on either side of the political fence to hold. People did get hurt, and we need to reinforce that lying is wrong. I complain more here, but be warned, I'm not as concise as Michele.


Why is it that the folks who most publicly lie about serving in the military inevitably do so in order to denigrate it?

I'm thinking not just of MIW, but also of the fellow who claimed that the US military deliberately perpetrated a "My Lai" at Nogun-Ri in Korea, during the Korean War. His claims to be in the 1st Cavalry division eventually unravelled--but not before he made apologies to Koreans and had led much of the world to believe that we had, indeed, slaughtered many South Korean citizens in cold blood.

Or "Winter Soldier"?

I'd be curious to know how often people lie about their service in the military in order to IMPROVE its image?

From the CBR page:

"I've read that this derails the whole antiwar movement. Yeah, sure. Whatever helps you sleep at night."

Who has made such a claim? That would be utterly stupid. But to claim that Wright's lie doesn't really matter, because, hey, he's just a fiction writer--that's bullshit excuse-making.

Oh, and Brainster, I agree with what you said at the end there. Classic misdirection. "Okay, maybe Micah told a fib, but hey, look over there! Halliburton!"

Yeah, the attempt to frame it as "Micah Wright vs. George Bush, gotta pick one or the other" is almost as pathetic as the "Well, he's a fiction writer" argument.