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kicking ass for your lord

In my effort to not post about Ted Rall again, I came thisclose to blogging about my Burger King salad. I was only saved from this astonishing display of blog sickness when my husband said Holy Shit! and sent me this link. Give me that old time religion! No, I'm not really making light of 630 people being murdered. But geez...organized religion just has so much going for it. Like Homer says. The cause of and solution to all of our problems. Kill, pray, rinse, repeat. Speaking of praying and killing, Old Dirty Laden is back with a brand new edition. This time he's got some gold and he wants you to have it. As long as you kill Bremer. And you don't actually get the gold - your family gets it. You get to meet God up close and personal. So, if anyone takes ODL up on this offer and gets blown to pieces in the process, you could do me a favor when you see God and ask him if he's enjoying the show? Thanks.


Let's see:

Organized religions and religious governments kill people.

Organized non-religious governments and non-religious groups kill people.

Anarchy kills people.

Screwed no matter what we do, I suppose.

For lack of a better target, I blame the ancient Greeks for trying to introduce the world to civilization.

Why not? [shrugs. watches Friends.]

Don't worry, God is going to resign. According to Senator Joe Biden, anyway:

[Delaware News Journal]...Biden said, Bush must "demand the resignations for whoever is involved in this policy, and that includes Lord God Almighty himself. It includes anybody involved."

Haven't any of these guys ever heard of sniper scopes and high velocity ammo?

I guess from a logical standpoint they probably compare it to getting rid of an enemy and an idiot all in one shot.

I ask all my Mexican friends if they would ever do anything like that, and they always ask why can't they just shoot who they are trying to kill.

Something about the Muslim mentality demands blowing yourself into itty bitty pieces.

Go figuire.

Aye. It almost makes you want to forgive Nigerian scam.

Alllll-most. But not quite.

Uh, Nigerian spam, I mean (although "scam" isn't far off the mark). I do what activity for a living again?

The thing that always strikes me about these stories is how antiquated it all sounds. Despite Rall's morbid fantasies, nobody's sitting here and saying, let's go out and kill some Muslims tonight. Is it just America that doesn't have this insane desire to kill the "others"? The Europeans had it happening in their own backyard only a decade ago, and of course it was done on a massive scale only 60 years ago.

Yeah, you can point to individual events like Tulsa, or lynchings in the South, but the fact remains that these were mostly scattered incidents that stand out because of their relative uniqueness.

"Is it just America that doesn't have this insane desire to kill the 'others'?
Surely you are not speaking for all of America. Why, just today, WMD were found in the possession of American white supremecists.

And I'm pretty sure our murder rrate is right up there with other European countries.
The thing about religion is, most go through a "growing phase" where they intend to slaughter millions in the name of their God. Least from what I've read. Wasn't so long aog, relatively speaking, that christian did something similar, correct?

IXLNXS: has Tim Blair finally turned you? Sounds like you might be on your way to recovery....

Blogging about BK salads would be cool as long as it was about someone finding an iguana head in theirs.

I think Homer was talking about beer (or at least alcohol)...

Yes, Jeremiah. We know that. The phrase has become a catch all.

Whenever anyone asks me about my religion (or lack thereof), the stock answer is "I belong to the Church of The Clash City Rockers. Johnny Thunders is my Patron Saint, but now that Joey's dead I'm thinking of changing my allegiance."

Stops. Query. Cold.

I don't think God is really paying attention to the recent plot twists. I think he has just tivo'd the last 1000 years of the show and is going to get back to us later.
Man is he gonna be upset that he turned us off to watch friends last night.

Aw, that's a bunch of bull crap.

Organized religion doesn't kill people.
Evil people who USE organized religion as an excuse for their evil-ness...THAT'S what kills people.

Get some perspective!

Organised religion isn't a killer. No, it definitely isn't.
People kill. Not religion, not guns, not WMD's.
But people. People with their fingers on triggers and buttons, and the knowledge in the hearts that their god has given them the "right" answer and path. They kill because they believe they righteous, that they are following "God's" bidding. It is their job to spread God's word and to free the people of the world.
But now the big question,

Who is actually right?

I have no problem with freeing the people of the world, but why are we only trying to free the ones who are sitting on the oil?

I'm not feeling a lot of empathy these days:

The Islamist lays on its back in the desert, unable to turn over.
But you’re not helping.

Why is that, Josh?