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the phantom baby?

Ok, so I watch this one episode without really knowing any history of the characters except what Nat filled me in on and what I've seen on other Thursdays when she's watching the show in the living room and I have no choice and I just have one burning question that needs to be answered: Where the hell is that baby Rachel is supposed to be the mother of? Is it invisible? Did she sell it to Barbara Walters? Does she keep it in her purse? It just seems...strange.


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I swear the boyfriend just asked exactly that question--and he used to watch the show, though hasn't lately.

Hell, I was just trying to figure that out, too.

It's probably hanging out with Murphy Brown's invisible kid.

Rachel's mother was keeping Emma while she got settled in Paris.

And yes, my balls shrank down to approximately one centimeter each as I typed that sentence.

Dude, that is so sad...

I'll give you the same answer I gave my wife: The baby wasn't there because she wasn't important to the plot.

Yeah, that didn't satisfy her either.

Apparently, the problem is solved because at the end, Rachel stays with Ross and the mother flies the baby off to live in Paris.

My interpreter says that if you'd been watching MXC like you were supposed to, you'd know her baby is the grand prize if the contestant make it all the way through!

Do you have something against us orientals? Are we only good for one thing: make your American teams better?

Sorry, that last one was from my former interpreter. Got him from the same place Kerry gets his writers.


Oh No! Don't spoil the suprise for the people on the west coast!

They keep the baby in the same place as Rachel's post-maternity body and stretch marks.... Fantasyland. Right next to Ross's first child.

Even better than no baby is no Mike.

A Small Victory - where all the important questions are answered!! I was wondering about the baby, too.

At least they let the characters go off into happy land - unlike Mad About You!

Actually, I'm saving the kid for my remake of "Boys From Brazil," but keep it under your tropical floppy hat!

Hm. Interesting. I've always thought Friends was a funny show; decent plots, good actors, especially compared to the rest of the sit-com fare. I didn't watch religiously, but I watched. Guess I'm not nearly as cool as, well, everyone else.
IT was rather a guilty pleasure. We watched, but turned down the theme song just in case we might ever be caught. I don't really care much that it's ending, though. I think it was played out a few years ago.

oh. THAT rachel. i just got it.
thanks ol' crank... you ruined the surprise for THIS west coaster...

NOT. :)

Never mind Emma, whatever happened to Ben??

Speaking of invisible kids, how is Andy Sipowicz of NYPD Blue going to handle being married to a wife/fellow cop who is carrying their first child (his third), when the actress playing the wife announced she isn't returning next season???

Hideki san-


Dozo yoroshiku onegaishimasu.

(O)genki desu ka?

In a network coup, the baby was given away by Barbara Walters on ABC's 20/20.

It will be seen in upcoming episodes of "My Wife and Kids" - now called "My Wife and Kids and Adopted Cracker."

It's the soap-opera method of having a baby:

You are pregnant for about 3 weeks, have the kid, keep it around for about 4 more weeks (until the "cute" factor wears off), then they dissappear for about 6-7 months. Then they come back and they're old enough to date. Of course, with soaps, you accidentally date you're own spawn because they are instantly unrecognizable (probably because you haven't seen them since they were an infant). Depending on the "plot twist", you either get them pregnant and start the cycle over, accidentally kill them or have some kind of scandal over having dated your own kid....

at least that's what I learned about it from when my sister used to watch the infernal shows....

Fat Bastard ate it. Seems he finally got his Baby Back Ribs.

It's stashed in the same day-care centre as Murphy Brown's kid, which also went AWOL a few months after everyone had stopped laughing at Dan Quayle.

Argh. I really should read the comments before posting. Sorry zombyboy.

Remember the series finale of M*A*S*H? Turns out, Joey's chick was actually that baby.