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Iguana Update/Bad Rock Music

Some Iguanas are good. Even if they spell it Igwana. Rob is a Long Island Iguana/Igwana. You need to go read this post and upload the song he has there. Then, you will know everything that is wrong with today's music. It's both funny and sad. I can't believe that no one has brought up barbecued iguana yet. Go listen.


I wish I was in Tijuana...

No, I don't live here. No, I don't have another lame iguana comment. I just fergot to remind your readers of a new MXC episode on Spike TV tonite at 10!

Remember, it's VRWC-approved, and doesn't muddle across the middle of the road like South Park.

Iguana watch it -- are you?

Do you have any idea what it's like to drive all over the city and see hordes of Mexicans waiting on street corners - just knowing that if you stop at a light near them they'll all attack your vehicle. Yeah, some say they are looking for work, but I just know they really like Wall of Voodoo and are taking that song wayyyy too seriously...

or not.

I'm watching Big Fish right now, so reality is kinda slipping away from me right now. Or maybe it was that week old turkey hero I just ate. Nah, how could I blome you delicious hero...

Wow, that was more impressive than I'd expected. Same tempo, key, and chords on both sides. If the lyrics were the same you could easily claim one's a remix of the other.

Re: Barbecued Iguana

I hear it tastes just like rattlesnake.

IgwanaRob: the NYT just called, and they wanna know: real or plastic turkey?

Turns out it wasn't a turkey hero, it was really a bowl of Mac & Cheese made extra thick. Sometimes my cooking is so bad it's scary.

You gonna finish that?

Someday the citizens of this country will realize that iguanas are people, too. Or something like that.

Apparently, my gambit to corner the Iguana-blogging niche failed miserably.

Probably not iguana related, but I found a stash of old Long Island music (Good Rats) that I zipped up and threw on the server.

If your still looking, let me know and I'll give you the URI.

I'm still trying to figure out how the fuck the iguana got so big when BADGER was the first damned animal mentioned in Michele's original "blogger how-to," ya know? I mean, here I am, braving all this winter shit, slogging my guts out in the Great White North, and this crappy little lizard just WALTZES in here and grabs the whole shebang, and THEN gets featured in some damn animal porn to boot!

If I sees ya in the wild, don't ask me not to bite ya.

I'm pissed.

Did you say Badger?!?

...About those rock songs...

Someone played a trick on quite a few people with that recording. It's actually shorter than either original song. Plus, the songs are different lengths. I did an experiment to find out for sure if this thing was real.

Conclusion: Whoever made that recording edited something.

Not that this should affect your taste in music in any way. Just sayin'...