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fre.jpg Yea, I got bored making the dots in between the letters. Sue me. Update: This is not a dis on those who like the show. While I was never a fan of it, that's mostly because I never watched it. We've started watching the early evening reruns and I enjoy the show. However, when I was standing in 7-11 today and I overheard one girl nearly break down in hysterical sobs talking about never seeing her "Friends" again, and when they were talking about the show on every radio station and every news show and when they were on the cover of the freaking Daily News today, well...I just had to step in.


so that's the best that fucking gypsy could come up with for ya?

Friends -- Seinfeld without the humor, plotting, acting and directing.


I'll admit that I love watching this show. It's one of those things that my daughter and I look forward to doing together. Sometimes we even do each other's nails or hair while we watch it - it's one of those bonding things, and I'm going to miss what's been a weekly ritual for us for years.

Of course, there's always "Joey"...

Thank goodness. I haven't watched that show since season 2. Last time it was funny, IMO.

We interrupt this blog entry for a special bulletin:

I may be the only adult in America who has never, ever seen even one single episode of "Friends."

We now return you to your regularly scheduled blog entry, already in progress.

this show was never must see tv for me. i'd watch, if somebody had it on. it was funny and cute... but now the characters are just annoying. all the things that made them "quirky and fun" now make me "angry and tense"... it's exasperating... and it all builds untill finally i want to grab Ross by the throat a la Don Corleone and scream
"YOU CAN ACT LIKE A MAN! what's da matta with you?"

and can Chandler PLEASE TAKE HIS GOD DAMN HANDS OUT OF HIS POCKETS to deliver a line?

If you're watching reruns, stick with the early years. You will easily notice when the writing started to deteriorate.

I overheard one girl nearly break down in hysterical sobs talking about never seeing her "Friends" again

Worst of all, she just missed "Walking in Memphis" on the overhead muzak.

Red Sox vs. Indians is on anyway...

Jeff - you're not alone. I've never seen an episode of Friends either. It's just TV, what's the big deal?

Well, the show makes me laugh, and I need that in my life...for instance, one scene where they are all watching an old video tape of Monica when she was fat - and she said defensively, "Hey, the camera adds twenty pounds."


Chandler: "So...how many cameras were on you, anyway?"

I like the fact that all six of the cast members had equal status, and that they made a concerted effort to keep the show focused on the group, and not let the network create superstars out of one or two of them, which very easily could have happened. And the writing is good - as good as the old Mary Tyler Moore show in its day, in my opinion.

It may only be television - and I agree that the vast majority of shows these days are garbage. This show, and ER are about the only two network shows I make a point of watching.

So - you've chosen to focus on "Frasier" coverage instead?

I watched one episode--the one that was on after the Super Bowl, when I was too full of food and beverages to bother to get up and leave the room. Julia Roberts (one of my favorite people, ever since she showed me where to find Republicans in the dictionary--oh, after reptile?) was on. It was actually kind of funny, but didn't tempt me to watch more.

Screw "Friends" -- new MXC on Spike TV, tonite at 10!

Oh wow, I thought I was the only person in America who was entirely indifferent to this mediocre sitcom. "Welcome Back Kotter" got more laughs out of me back in the day than the whiny crew on "Friends."

Jennifer Aniston has a face shaped like a Stop sign.

If you stand her next to Arsenio Hall, they say "Stop" and "Yield."

Honestly, if the only thing to watch on TV was 24 and the Simpsons, I'd be perfectly happy.

"Friends" is gone - shrug

Steve H., yer ass is mine, pal!

But don't forget to see "Trojan Guys Look Tough, So I'll Play One Of Those."

I was tempted to watch Friends, but instead I went to the Jake to watch the RED SOX WIN again! WOOOOOHOOOOO! Lenoah had a great time.

We're out for drinks right now -- she's pretty bummed about being dumped, but that's America: one day you be up, one day you be down, next minute you be in the playoffs...

Scrubs, Trish. Scrubs is the best comedy on the air today.

But to bond with your daughter? Gilmore Girls.

We have a new name for Lenoah:


See yuz in Octobah.

Meryl, I like Scrubs but didn't it used to be on Thursdays? I thought it ended or something.

And we liked Gilmore Girls....but geez....can they talk any faster?