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Buttons, Boxes and Burger King

Thanks for the great response to my plea for graphic help this morning. The new, smaller, better looking buttons are from Mr. Dork. I thank thee, dork. Several other people sent icons as well; I'll use some for the permalink pages and some for the archive pages. Maybe I'll switch once in a while just to get them all in. Other people wrote offering help making new icons or making other graphic things I want for the sidebar - I'll answer all the email tonight. Lisa, I'm going to take you up on your offer, please thank your husband for me. Now, about this packing/moving thing. I quit. I think I packed one hundred boxes already and it looks like I haven't even begun. There's nowhere to walk in the house. I haven't done dishes in days. That doesn't matter, because I haven't cooked because I haven't gone food shopping because I don't want to put away food that I'm just going to pack up again. I want magic Jeannie powers. I want to blink my eyes and have it all boxed, taped, labeled and ready to go. I'm not even tired. I'm just frustrated and bored. I've lived here for fourteen years. Do you know how much shit a packrat accumulates in fourteen years? Packing up our comics, action figures, DVDs and CDs alone will kill an entire day this weekend. I quit. I'm taking the kids to Burger King and then I'm going out in search of one of those gypsy people who will sell you a magic power in exchange for your soul. I wasn't using mine anyhow.


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Two bucks says when you come back, somebody'll dog ya for not going to Taco Bell instead...

Tell me about it. We've got boxes in every room, some full, some not. This is just to get enough clutter out so we can get it on the market next weekend. Today we find out that the appraiser for the home equity loan we need will be here first thing tomorrow morning. He told my wife that the house will appraise better if it is ready to show. There is NO WAY we are going to be completely ready by next Saturday, much less tomorrow morning. He'll just have to see all the peeling paint and damaged awnings and cracked concrete that we're going to get fixed next week. Full on panic mode begins in 90 minutes.

Good thing TIVO can record Friends.

Grin, duck, run.

Holy Crap!!! My wife and I are BOTH packrats (and my 4 yo daughter is too) and we haven't lived in the same place for longer than 3 years yet and thankfully when we've moved it was for a new job and the company paid.

I can only imagine the horror of living in one place for 14 years. The amount of crap we'd have would be overwhelming.

Good opportunity to throw some stuff out if you take it.

I have a new neighbor moving in next door -- poor S.O.B. He had very bad luck over the weekend trying to get everything moved.

He had a friend helping him move furniture using a horse trailer. The trailer got two flat tires coming up the hill and it is still sitting in his carport.

Another one of his friends was helping with an old Dodge van. The van broke down and it is still sitting in his driveway.

So, he's got to deal with two broken down vehicles and he still doesn't have all of his stuff moved over from his old place.

Hire a bunch of Natalie's friends to come help pack - or entice friends and family over with promises of all the pizza and beer (not to be drunk while packing the china and crystal) they want.

I know that someday, I'll be facing what you are now. We've been here for 18 years, and even though the boys have both moved out, all of their childhood memorbilia stayed behind.

I can't even fathom the thought of organizing enough to put a garage sale together, and I know I could get rid of a ton of crap.

I really truly feel for you.

Oh, yes, I believe. Spice & I are both packrats, and we lived in the same fourplex for 19 years. We're both bookworms, too. We had over two hundred boxes of books when we finally moved to the 'burbs.

Damn. I sold my soul for a couple of snickers bars. Should have held out for magic power.

Why don't you hire a packer/mover, ya whiner.