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Ted Rall if whining on Hannity right now. here * Rall just called himself a moderate mainstream Democrat. * At least Hannity is going right after him, unlike O'Reilly. * Hannity gave Rall a chance to apologize to the Tillman family. He declined. * Yadda yadda, Afghanistan is a fake war. Fake war. Fake war. * Rall claims Tillman had a history of violence because of a fight he had when he was young. So that justifies everything. Hannity has an annoying way of not letting people get a word in. I hate his interviewing method. Rall will be on Hannity and Colmes tomorrow night. I have it on good word that he will call Afghanistan a fake war.


This is why I like Hannity. It was good to see him call Rall out and tell it like it is.

Thanks for the heads-up, Michele -- I would've missed it otherwise.

While surfing here :

I found this!!!:

Heh. Is that a booger coming out of his nose or blood?

huh huh huh
yeah, beavis, yeah!
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you're all a bunch of frickin losers.

Whoah, Butthead. That was like, awesome.

In the humane spirit of Ed Asner (after Rush Limbaugh's addiction thing):

"That jerk who draws 'Boondocks' is next!"

"Rall just called himself a moderate mainstream Democrat."

I wonder, what color is the sky in this guy's world?

Hannity has an annoying way of not letting people get a word in. I hate his interviewing method.

I've noticed that about Hannity as well. I've sometimes wanted to jump through the radio and tell Sean, 'It's OK to give these guys a little rope because chances are, they'll end up hanging themselves with it'.

Otherwise, I think Hannity handled this prick rather well.

You could tell Hannity really, really doesn't like Rall. I can relate.

"Moderate mainstream Democrat". I'm sure the real "mainstream Democrats" will be falling over each other to go on record to dispute this...

Kerry? Clinton? Anyone?

Seriously, I know TR is NOT what the vast majority of Democrats are about- I'd just feel a lot better if they'd give him a smack down.

I heard the last half of that interview - Rall's refusal to accept any responsibility or admit that he went a teensy-weensy bit overboard was disgusting. I agree that Sean sometimes starts cutting people off; I love his show, but sometimes I'll click over when he's doing a hostile interview. Generally, though, it doesn't bother me a ton. He's a radio personality / entertainer, not a journalist.

Mind you, I don't consider most journalists to be journalists these days either ...

While I'm not a huge Hannity fan, I think he handles "people" like Rall pretty well. Rall definitely came off looking, well, just like he is: a snide, sneering extremist who's so deep in his own fantasy world he thinks he's a "moderate." Rall is nothing more than a paid, published internet troll.

I'm sure Rall makes Berkeley Breathed reconsider his joke that a cartoonist should be president (his president was Gary Larson).

I'm sorry, but even the chance to hear Ted Rall try to defend his asinine viewpoints can't make me listen to Hannity. He makes my teeth hurt.

You may have noticed this on my blog.

[expletive removed]!

Another hypocrite to ruin the left's credibility. It's always the [expletive removed] moonbats who get all the attention, rather than the people who genuinely want to make a difference and walk the walk, day in and day out (speaking of damned if you do and damned if you don't).
Guess that's why I never identify as right or left. I don't want to be associated with the likes of Michael Moore, Ted Rall, Rush Limbaugh, or Bill O'Reilly. If the press never gave these [expletive removed] attention, most would never know they existed.