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covering all my bases

You people made me do it.



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Boy, is Mrs. Met gonna be pissed!

I KNEW reverse psych would work! Ha - little do you know that us true Met fans hate that goofy-lookin' bastard more than ya'll hated Chuck "Fists of Stone" Knoblauch!

Well, that at least explains the grin on his face.

Love how the Iguana on the left has his/her eyes closed in an apparent response to the great amount of passion being experienced.

And, as always, Mr. Met looks happy.

Very nice job.

I love it. You're getting pretty smooth with the Photoshop, too.

My god, you posted that during after-school viewing hours! I'm going to complain to the FCC about you, damnit.

mé·nage à iguana?

Anti-gay-iguana marriage activists (like those at www.antigayiguanamarriage.blogspot.com) will tell you that gay iguana sex will destroy the fabric of iguana society. That these "homoguanas" are perverts and should not enjoy the same civil rights as other iguanas.

I salute for putting gay iguana sex on your main page. It is a brave and noble move.

We knew all along it was Roger McDowell, behind the security fence!

Has anyone told the Philly Phanatic?

/got nuthin...

While I am certainly glad that dorkafork has informed us on this very serious issue of gay iguana biotry, I'm pretty sure Mr. Met is the only diviant shown in the picture. That's a male and female iguana there.

Not that I have an iguana, Mr. "Sicko" Met; just learned from my 5 year-old who went to zoo camp.

Dang, that should have read:

Not that I have an iguana fetish, like Mr. "Sicko" Met..

Oh well, now that I re-read it, is wasn't even mildly humorous.

So it turns out Mr Met is a catcher. Hmmmm...

He STILL wouldn't trade places with Art Howe!

Or maybe, this might be what Art Howe needs...hmmmmm.....

Damn, I didn't think anyone or any animal could get that desperate!

I can't wait to look up "gay iguana marriage" on Google in a few days...