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still trotting that ted rall carcass around

Jim Treacher tells you why you really ought to take Rall's cries of death threats with a grain of salt. Or two. I mean, the guy called the Feds because he thought Santa Claus was going to kill him. Treacher is also ten times funnier than Rall (ok, maybe 800 times). I went too many Rall posts without saying this: Free Dirty Danny. and when I say carcass, I mean it as a metaphor for the dying story of how misunderstood Ted is, and also as a metaphor for his sanity, and I in no way mean that I was wish Ted would become a carcass, or that anyone would turn his live body into a carcass or that if he were to become a carcass that I would literally trott him/it around at any time.


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I don't know if you've been following the whole stupid Ted Rall thing, but this is just too funny. Apparently now he claims he's receiving death threats (damn, I knew I shouldn't have put my return address on that envelope...). [Read More]


"also as a metaphor for his sanity"... are you saying that Ted may have a problem with his sanity?

You're cruising for a lawsuit, Missy!

I took carcass to refer to his slovenly appearance and distinct aromatic qualities.

It's a curious pattern with Ted Rall, Micah Right, and Michael Bellesiles. They're found out to have done something fradulent and then claim that their lives are in danger. Perhaps this is a typical reaction of people in these situations.

I enjoyed Treacher's parody. Rall can only coast on using the same artwork over and over again in one cartoon for so long!

D'oh! I meant "Wright." Proofread, Anne.

Lileks was right; living with all that hatred boiling up inside him is a far better punishment for Rall.

Danny Hellmann is possibly a worse cartoonist than Rall, but what Rall is doing to him ought to be punishable by caning.

I'm glad Treacher is pointing out the fact that Rall's style is pretty much a ripoff of Matt Groening's old stuff. Needs to be said more often.

ted rall is a pitiful example of a human being crying out to be noticed. he's given up on being noticed for his wit or chrisma or intelligence or personality or good looks or ... anything else that normal folks are noticed for -- and settles for being noticed for being an asshole (oh please, please look at me, I'm the biggest asshole around!).

Ted Rall needs a hug! From an enraged grizzly bear.

Q: How does Ted Rall change a lightbulb?

A: First he steals a ladder from Matt Groening...

"Treacher is also ten times funnier than Rall (ok, maybe 800 times)."

Not really the best benchmark, considering 800 × 0 = 0. But I'll take what I can get!

Sean M: Rall's characters-- er, character also bears a resemblance to an underground cartoon character named Steven by a guy named Doug Allen:


Don't forget, this is the guy who thinks vomit is a deadly weapon.