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packing per jeff



Plastic bins rule.

I may have mentioned this before, but, when I was leaving Australia, we put my stuff in boxes and carefully packed and labelled each one. This (as usual) took us much, much longer than we thought it would. This was at my boyfriend's insistence. "If you had your way," he said, "you'd throw things into the boxes randomly and label them all 'Crap'."

"Yes," I admitted. "But we'd have been done a lot faster."

I see you are filling tubs entirely with newspaper. I did the same (with boxes; plastic tubs do not ship well).

Looks very neat and well organized to me.

Last night I discovered the joy of rounding out boxes with crumpled paper. I usually take forever to finish a box because I'm looking for things of just the right size and shape to fill it up so that stuff won't be able to move around and the box won't crumple and damage things... last night, I just filled all the odd spaces with crumpled paper. It felt naughty and fabulous all at the same time. And I got a whole whack of boxes done and sealed in record time. Booyah!

One thing Jeff fergot to mention when using plastic boxes: when you open them after the move, everything will stink like Ted Rall's underpanties.

Thought ya oughta know before it's too late.

Yeah, but what do you do with all of those plastic bins once you've moved? That's what I've always wondered about this method.

Could use 'em for time-capsuling liberal trivia, I guess...at least that way, the enclosed silliness wouldn't leak down to the water table.

Good To See the U.S.P.S boxes are being put to good use.

There was a period in my life when I moved 10 times in 5 years. I learned that the most important box to pack was the First Night/Morning box. In it, place:

**coffee maker, coffee, sugar, creamer, filters, cups, spoons.
**enough bedding so that everyone has at a pillow and a blanket, even if you are sleeping on bare mattresses.
**toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap, towels.
**phone book for the area you are moving into, so you can order pizza.

Also, keep whatever meds you need in your purse rather than pack them with the bathroom stuff.

With this emergency box, you can survive that first day and at least have coffee, instead of staring at hundreds of boxes and trying to figure out which one has the filters in it.

Good luck!