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War: We Have a Winner!

Newsweek declares the winner of the Iraq war and it isn't us. They actually have a photoessay titled Anatomy of Quagmire. The Media: Winning the hearts and minds of anti-Americans everywhere.


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They have the freedom to do that. It's called freedom of the press.

The scary part to me is how many of them choose to report like that.....why? Does it sell more papers? Probably.

Why is that important? Because it all comes down to the Almighty Dollar.

Don't subscribe to them. That's what works best.

Maybe some folks can get together and start a "Spirit of America" newspaper to counter the slanted free press we have.

Can someone tell me a period of time in American history that papers have not been slanted in order to sell papers?

It's almost impossible for these news magazines to compete with cable TV news and the internet... They're desparate.

Slightly off topic, speaking of popularity:

Michele, did you notice that you just passed Charles Johnson in the Ecosystem... Funny, I didn't see much flesh here this week.

So, it's over? Then I suggest that Newsweek send reporters over to the Afghanistan mountains and the Sunni Triangle to interview the winners. Book them for extended stays.

By Von Hoffman's Law, the declaration of a quagmire means that the quagmire is now officially over. Expect Newsweak to end up with pie on their face in another week or two.

So, let me just be clear about this:

"Reporting bad news about the war" = "anti-Americanism"

Is that your assessment?

I agree with you 100%. The media are the problem, not the fact that American troops are torturing Iraqis.

It's the media's fault that the US is not winning over Iraqi hearts and minds, not the actual blatant torture, degradation, humiliation, and cruel treatment itself.

Jesus, people. Did I say the media is to blame for the war? I just think they are doing a shitty job covering it.

Nice dodge, Michele, but nobody said that you stated that the media are to blame for the war.

You implied through your sarcastic comment ("The Media: Winning the hearts and minds of anti-Americans everywhere") that it's the media that are somehow at fault for the US not winning hearts and minds, rather than the fact that US soldiers have subjected human beings to cruel and degrading treatment and punishment.

Nope. Wrong again. When I say anti-Americans, I mean the far left. Not Iraqis, not Arabs.

Oh, OK. My apologies for misunderstanding, but I think I understand what you're saying now: It's media reporting that's to blame for the fact that the left are "anti-America." , US soldiers' human rights violations are not a factor. Gotcha.

You really are an idiot.