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Thanks for playing!

Open Mic Night is now closed. The login has been deleted. I'd like to thank everyone for playing. Even though some of you didn't quite follow the rules/topic, I enjoyed reading all of your lists. You can find all of the Open Mic posts right here.


Damn it! I was in the middle of a post and now I can't actually post it!

Thanks! That was fun!

I don't think I'm trusting enough to try the same thing.

Thank you, Michelle. I have peeked and sneaked around here a couple of times, but how nice to give us each a minute of fame :)

Very cool idea.

Drat! I knew I should have started at the top of my blogroll tonight instead of the bottom. Too late :(

Thanks very much, Michele. I'm sorry a couple of people had to diverge from the topic, but as long as you're happy with it, what the hey.

I may have to steal this idea.

Ilyka was up at 3:00 AM? Damn, I'll never underestimate the power of Alan Parsons Project again.

Thanks for the open mike, Michele. Quite fun as always. :-)

This reminds me of the site 'iusedtobelieve.com', a collection of (I believe mainly Brittish) childhood beliefs. Our adult sunday school class actually tried to make a game out of this for our retreat last year.

it didn't work out.

Michele, I will be your internet blogslave for a month if you post the e-mail I sent you before the deadline for open mic night. Please?