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Open Mic Night: Maggie

  • I'm a bleeding-heart Liberal living in the Appalachian (we say, "App-a-LATCH-un") mountains of southwestern Virginia. I grow bleeding-hearts and other flowers, along with various herbs and weeds, in my garden.
  • I could be a successful vegetarian if it weren't for bacon and beef stock.
  • Yodeling gives me that 'fingernails screeching across the blackboard' reaction.
  • Having lived close by the Appalachian Trail most of my life, I've open my home to an array of disheveled but ever delightful travelers; Israeli, South African, Australian, English, French Canadian, Mormon, Muslim, Catholic, Agnostic, Wiccan, Hedon, old, young, fresh from the military, fresh out of university, couples, families, merry bands of strangers who bond along the way.
  • My cat, Bob, attacks me like Cato attacks Clouseau.
p.s. This is my first time playing with MT. I hope I don't break A Small Victory. Thanks for the chance to see some of the backend.