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Open Mic Night Guest: Aaron in Texas

My 5 things you never knew about me: 1) In my spare time I use a trained hawk, captured from the wild, to chase and kill bunnies. This experience is the highlight of my life. For more background, check out my blog, HawkBlog. 2) My truck smells like hawk droppings, and my arm currently has 4 puncture wounds from its talons. 3) This bird and my obsession with hunting it cost me a girlfriend. Go figure. 4) I work in finance for a Fortune 500 company, performing economic analysis of investments in the billions of dollars, yet I seem to be incapable of balancing my own checkbook. 5) I'm too stupid or boring (or both) to think of 5 things at all unique about me, so I'll quit while I'm ahead.


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