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Open Mic Night: j0sh

I'm not ashamed to admit, though I should be... 1. i love pro-wrestling. I have my availability for work set up so i am off monday and thursday nights to watch it. 2. i actually own Vanilla Ice's 'Born to Swallow' album. yes, he tried a rap/rock comeback. it's not entirely horrible either, i've been known to drive through the suburbs blasting it. 3. i've been to Ozzfest four times, i've only seen Ozzy perform once. it was rather sad and somewhat pathetic to watch, so i left. 4. i hate Anne Rice. Not as in i hate the person, she's probably really nice or something, but I really dislike her writing. whenever anyone finds out i like vampire novels they ask if i've read her and i slap them about the head for a few minutes. 5. i almost never finish something i start. i have six stories that i've started writing and then forgotten about. the closest i've come to finishing anything is the Seven-Five Project. it's a work of serial fiction, more or less.


you forget #6?
"i don't care much for capitalization."

i kid. 8)

I have the same Vanilla Ice CD. It is a good CD, passed over because some people are embarressed to say they own Vanilla Ice CD.