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Open Mic Night Guest: Rae

1. I eat dessert first whenever possible. 2. I have an, ummm, obsession with flossing my teeth. I do it several times a day, and sometimes while driving (I live on the wild side). 3. (Excuse me while I just slip my arm into my flame proof suit here...o.k. done)I can't stand Jennifer Aniston. 4. This seems like the perfect time to also confess that I also don't like Friends-the television show, that is. 5. I really love it in films when the man touches the woman's face as he kisses her; actually, almost anytime a man touches a woman's face in communicating need or desire. That's my story and I guess I'm sticking to it (with rosy cheeks and all).


Hey, I wanted more! More I tell you!

Actually, I don't really like Aniston all that much, either. She's sort of funny looking...

I liked Aniston - then she got scarecrow skinny - and then she got more or less womanly again, and all was well. I'd even be willing to watch her floss her teeth all day long.

Well, were she scantily clad.

More? Really? I thought of many things but am just a bit too, well, Victorian to say and am a tiny bit too tired to be creative in my revelations. I will conceed that the second album I owned was a Barry Manilow one; the one that held "Mandy" and "I Can't Smile Without You." The first was a 45 of John Lennon's "Woman." Imagine my surprise when I flipped the vinyl and heard Yoko screeching on the other side...

Umm, I once slept all night in the same bed with a famous comedian. No! we slept, not a thing happened! Really, he was a gentleman; a funny gentleman albeit. This was before he was famous and was doing the college comedy club tour in the late '80's/early 90's. We talked after the show for about three hours. For some strange reason, he seemed completely trustworthy (this is open mic confessions, right? So, yes, I know it was idiotic and utterly stupid of me to go), so I went back to his hotel with him and we talked and fell asleep on his bed. Not a hand touched, nor any other body parts. I was awakened into reality the next morning when his wife telephoned him. Thus, even though not a bit was done, I swore to never tell his name to a soul. He politely drove me home and that was that.

Does that fill your curiosity cup my friend, Z?

*too exhausted to edit

Ooo, that was a good one.

Curiousity is going to absolutely kill me, you know...


So did Zomby!

Gosh darnit, Andy! I seen ya ovair and knew you might guess....