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Open Mic Night Guest: Gilly

The five things you never knew about me: 1) I have my own blog. Yeah, I bet you didn't know that. I have about 3 people visit my blog per day, and 2 of them are my friends who give me pity clicks. Who knew Michele would give me to opportunity to alientate the only fan I have left... 2) For all my intricate knowledge of currency speculation and my near prescient understanding of financial markets, I still am making minimum wage in a retail. 3) I was the first person in my new school to watch The Simpsons when it was on Tracy Ulman. In fact, I was the only person who was excited about the series premier on Fox. When everyone else started watching the show, it made me about 2% cooler for being the guy who knew about the show first. A 2% that was quickly erased when I was the first person to wear an ďIím BartmanĒ t-shirt. 4) I lived in South America for 9 months. And the first food I ate when I landed back in New York City was Taco Bell. There was only 1 Taco Bell in all of South America that I encountered (I didnít eat there). Itís in Peru. And to own a plastic cup from Taco Bell is a sign of prosperity. People will keep them for weeks just to be seen with them. 5) When I was a kid I didnít watch t.v. shows, I watched commercials. 30-second bits of goodness. To this day, I can watch any commercial and tell you its strongest and weakest points and what should have been changed to make it more effective. I like to think of it as putting my ADHD to work for the good of humanity.