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Open Mic Night Guest: Dave in Texas

1. I was sorely, sorely tempted to type insert your name here but I thought it through and decided, nah. 2. I really enjoy reading what you all write here. 3. My eldest graduates from high school in 2 weeks. In less than 3 months, she goes to UT Austin. I am, conflicted about this (dad stuff mostly, although since I was thrown out of Baylor I do have some school conflict too. I resolve these feelings by comparing BU tuition to UT. 4. I feel better now. 5. If I could give Michele a hug over moving and buying a house, and dealing with a teenage daughter, without getting into trouble or being misunderstood, I would. 6. Did I mention you guys are great?


Love you too. Hey, I never got to ask you where your band plays.

Wow, not even I got thrown out of Baylor! I live in Austin, so I know what you mean about UT! It's still better than A&M!

group hug.

mostly local gigs in Temple now Ilyka. As soon as I can check with our goober rhythm guitar player/manager, I'll email you next dates.

Beth, wasn't just grades. But I don't hold a grudge, I had it coming. No felonies anyhow.

Tons of kids from here go to A&M. I have no idea why. I think they like shiny things or something.