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Open Mic Night Guest: Auterrific

Everyone seems to be naming five, even though it says no more than five. I'm just going to give you one. I LOVE my 20-month-old's piggies (toes). I have never had a foot fetish in my life. In fact, that is one of the least desirable places I can think of on an adult body. But my son's tiny feet...I was drawn to them like adult film stars to unions. I like their look. I like their feel. I even like their smell. I kiss them whenever possible. Auterrific Oh, OK...one more. The first concert I attended was to see Sean Cassidy...and I loved it!


I hope my wife doesn't read your post, she's likely to want another kid when she reads about the little "piggies".

LOL You know, I was at Target one day with my son. A woman came up to me and asked me if I liked to kiss his piggies. I was shocked. I mean, this was my secret little addiction. Were there others who shared the same fixation? Sure enough, she goes on to tell me about her three sons and how even now that they're older (6, 7 & 8...to clarify), she still likes to kiss their piggies. We had a good laugh about it, but it was a bit bizarre...to say the least.

;) We're already trying for another. Must have more piggies!!!