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Open Mic Night Guest: Lesley

So, name five things I'm not ashamed of that I should be. 1. I like ABBA. No, scratch that. I love ABBA. I could dance all night to ABBA. In fact, I think I have. 2. Even worse than ABBA - I love Neil Diamond. "You've got the way to move me, Cherry!" This is actually the subplot of some really bad movie I once saw whose name escapes me now. The guy loved Neil Diamond. I'm like that guy. Well, except I wouldn't actually go see Neil Diamond in concert. 3. I am a Dark Shadows fanatic! I belong to the Dark Shadows DVD Club. I have a Barnabas bobblehead doll and a Quentin as the werewolf bobblehead doll. In the original Dark Shadows series, I must confess I was not all about Barnabas. I was all about David Selby as Quentin. Mmmmm, Quentin. Mmmmm, David Selby. He's old enough to be my father, but he's still hot. I used to watch Falcon Crest just to see David Selby. But in the second Dark Shadow series, with Ben Cross as Barnabas, boy was I all about Barnabas. That Barnabas can come here and bite me any time. 4. I didn't learn the last name of the first guy I ever slept with until the next morning. Stan Conway. Stan had him a mohawk. A white blonde mohawk (his natural hair color). And the most beautiful cornflower blue eyes I've ever seen. I met him at a Circle Jerks concert during my college days. 5. I've never seen "The Godfather". I know, I know. But I haven't. My former boss always tells me I'm not a real American, because I don't own a car and have never seen "The Godfather". I plan to buy a car later this year. You think that'll that make me half a real American? Wheeeee! Lesley