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Open Mic Night Guest: Scott

1. I have seen every episode of Saved by the Bell (and all the TV specials) at least twice 2. In college, my roommates and I were so totally addicted to Days of Our Lives that we missed an entire Fire Drill and had to be escorted out by the firemen (but was it really Marlena being held hostage by Scorpio?) 3. No matter how fancy the restaurant, or how fine the steak, I always order French Fries, instead of the baked potato. 4. My very understanding wife let us have Batman and Catwoman action figures on top of our wedding cake instead of the traditional topper. 5. When I was a kid, I found Scooby-Doo very scary. I would watch the first five minutes to see the set up, then watch the last five minutes so I would know who did it. Blog: Polite Dissent