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Open Mic Night Guest: Kathy

I only get to list five things? 1. Moveable Type scares the hell out of me, which is why I've kept my shitty looking blog instead of upgrading. 2. When I was seventeen, my friends thought I was obsessive about Depeche Mode and The Cure, but in my walkman you would invariably find this guy's tape 3. I thought 'Fargo' was one of the worst movies I've ever seen. Really. It sucked. 4. I hate 'Seinfeld' for one reason: George Costanza. His adventures are supposed to be funny? 5. If he asked, I would have The Edge's babies. (Yes. I know he's married. If he wanted more kids, I'm the girl for him.)


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Sorry, but I think you are wrong about Fargo. OK, so it got to the point when you say "damn, how many more people are going to get killed in this movie" but I think the characterizations were brilliant and the acting was peerless. The Cohen brothers can do no wrong (IMHO). OK so Barton Fink was a tad confusing, but Fargo and The Big Liebowski are my favorite movies of the last 10 years.

I love the Coen Brothers. I think they're brilliant, but I just did not get why everyone thought Fargo was so great. When I sat down and watched it, I was just so disappointed.

I think it was the scene at the airport parking lot that sent me over the edge and started me on the road to loathing. For me, it's black comedy that got lost in the darkness.