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Open Mic Night Guest: Tom Bridge

Okay, five things I'm not so ashamed of being ashamed of. Wait. Five things I'm ashamed of being not so ashamed of? Hmmm. Nope. Five things I'm not so... Okay. Stop. Five things that I did that were funny, and poignant, and I probably should be ashamed of, but for some reason I'm posting here for fun and possibly profit. 1. Once upon a time, when I was in college, I participated in Naked Radio. Yes, even though I have the body for radio. 2. Yes I've worn pantyhose. I was a swimmer in high school and between shaves (Sheesh, will you STOP laughing? I was Good! Well, I didn't suck, let's be fair.) to increase drag in between tapers. 3. I live and die with the record of the Oakland Athletics. Fortunately, I keep a defibrillator on hand during the Playoffs. It's come in handy the last four seasons. I hope I don't need it again, although, the hospital said the fifth time is on them, some sort of frequent customer discount. 4. This one time, at band camp..? 5. I made my brother and his girlfriend drive BACK to Arco Arena after they'd checked me into the hospital with a compound, dislocated left pinky. That means the bone was through the skin. But dude, it was a killer concert and I wasn't gonna make THEM pay for the crowd surge. C'mon, it was Save Ferris! Alrighty, I feel a little better now, the catharsis was good for me. In the meantime, check out Adventures in Troubleshooting, or, perhaps, my Good blog, The Four Corners.