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What is it with you people and Paradise by the Dashboard Lights? That is the Worst. Song. EVER!


Is not.

Obviously, you never got drunk at a college party when that song came on and formed two lines in the room, one guys, one girls, and sang the parts at each other with anger and contempt in your eyes.

Then laughed your ass off when the song was over.

It was fun.

I refused to take part in those henious acts of pop culture madness.

I was the one incoherently mumbling Robert Smith lyrics in the corner.

Would it end our friendship if I told you that I have Bat Out of Hell 2?

And that I like Jim Steinman songs?

I'll find a way to make it work.

Oh, I completely hate that song. I always did. I was amazed, though, to discover I had a friend who not only had never heard that song, but had never even heard of Meatloaf. Apparently he was comatose during the 1970s. So I forced myself to listen to it again, just so he could hear it. He actually liked it!

Actually, now that I think about it, this guy is a musical dunce. A rocket scientist, but a musical dunce. I was listening to the Grateful Dead one night while speaking to him on the phone. I mentioned I was listening to the Grateful Dead, and he promptly hummed the opening riff to Cream's "Sunshine of Your Love". He thought that was the Grateful Dead.

Oh, come on. That song's funny as hell.

Jim Steinman is God.

I have a friend who's so hung up on Meatloaf that she used to get ANGRY at Celine Dion every time her Steinman song came on the radio. She'd yell at the radio, "That should have been Meat Loaf's song! That should have been Meat's!"

hehehe. She's seen him a zillion times.

I just heard that song last week. I was imagining Meat Loaf singing it because I was remembering Laurie yelling at the radio. He'd have done a nice job on it.