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Open Mic Night Guest: Jimmy

There isn't much I'm ashamed of, which is odd considering I was raised Fundamental Baptist. You'd assume that my Blog would be called the Suburban Shame Shack. But it's not and I'm shameless! So here are some things everyone else is ashamed of in me. 1) One of my favorite movies is "Howard the Duck". We're talking Top Five material here. I'm waiting on a Director's Cut, 2-DVD Bonus Features Edition. The day George Lucas finally answers my 35,762 e-mails and lifts the restraining order, I'll be there ready to buy. 2) One of my other favorite movies is "Grease". I quote lines. I sing. I dance the hand Jive. I'll watch that movie any time it's on. 3) I just don't get reality shows anymore. I loved the first "The Real World" but beyond that, I can't say that I've watched an episode of any of them. I don't understand the appeal and when someone explains it to me it's like they're speaking Klingon. Well, that's not true. I have a chance of understanding Klingon. 4) I once had my hair so long it hung below my shoulder blades. It was a phase. I wanted to see what it looked like. The answer: Fat, long-haired guy. That phase lasted six months and there's no way it'l l happen again. Not even if Rebecca Romijn asks. 5) I own all but one album Debbie (oh, sorry. Deborah) Gibson made. I still sing along to "Electric Youth". That was good pop songwriting, folks. Well there you have it - my shame. If you can still look me in the eyes, come and visit my blog and bring a friend!