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Open Mic Night Guest: Jim Peacock

I thought up a fifth one to complete my set then I started a post and forgot what the fifth one was so I deleted that post and as soon as I deleted it I remembered it again. I think I'm the youngest recorded Alzheimer's sufferer. No, Ilyka, I'm not drunk. :-P Anyway, number five is Sarah McLachlan. She's my favorite vocalist and I'm going to see her in concert here in Atlanta in a couple months. The tickets cost more than Aerosmith did. I didn't see Aerosmith because the tickets cost too much. I will be one of five males in the audience and the other four will be chained to women. I had to go out of my household to find a woman to take to the concert because Lovely Wife wouldn't go (Sarah's too "girly" for her). Y'all shut your pie holes. I remain secure in my masculinity. I'm off to stroke my mangina now.


Sarah McLachlan is excellent. I saw her on her last Lilith Fair tour.

Suzanne Vega was great, but Sheryl Crow and Chrissie Hynde rocked the house down.

And there were more than a few women there that could have taken me apart six ways to Sunday. You'd best be sweet to all the women you meet there, Jim.

You'd best be sweet to all the women you meet there, Jim.

That means no flicking your lighter and yelling, "EYE IN THE SKY!" Jim.

Thanks for the warning, Meryl. Once Sarah turns on those golden vocal cords I won't even know there's anybody else in the place.

No problem, Ilyka. I don't carry a lighter any more since I quit smokin. :)