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Open Mic Night Guest: Crank

Shame, shame, shame: 1. When Sleepless in Seattle came out, I went to see it in the theater. Alone. 2. I actually like the song "Age of Aquarius." But I turn down the volume when it comes on the mix tape I put it on if anyone's around. 3. My hatred of the Yankees, Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens has long since passed the point of reason. 4. I have not seen an entire NBA game in a few years, but I still write about basketball stats. And let's not get into the last time I watched college sports or saw more than half of a non-Super Bowl NFL game. 5. With the exception of a honeymoon in Ireland and a few trips to Chicago and Minnesota, I've never left the portion of the U.S. covered by the Eastern Time Zone. Baseball Crank


I'm with you on Clemens.

And I have never been off the East Coast.

Been from Canada down to Florida, but never farther left than Pennsylvania.