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Open Mic Night Guest: Jay

Ok here it goes: 1. As a Yankees fan, one would think that my hatred for the Boston Red Sox rises above all others. Wrong. I rooted for the Red Sox in 1986 when they played the only other team I hate more: The New York Mets. 2. Under The Tuscan Sun is a textbook example of a major league 'chick flick.' Yet, I watched it......and liked it. I kept thinking that maybe it was because I would just have this image of Diane Lane being bent over outside her lovers apartment in 'Unfaithful', but no. I did actually like the movie. 3. Since it has been on television, I have never watched a single episode of 'The Simpsons.' Not one. No reason really. I just never had the desire to see it. 4. Marc says below that he gets "all sniffy" at the end of 'Field of Dreams.' Me? I start welling up like a 2 year old baby. 'Field of Dreams' is probably the closest thing to the male equivalent of a 'chick flick' one would find. 5. I am a New York/New Jersey native that has become a huge NASCAR fan since moving to Florida. I even own a Jeff Gordon 'Dupont' hat. Jay Caruso


I'm totally behind you on the Mets/Red Sox thing.

My friend Diana refers to movies like "Field of Dreams" as "guy-cry flicks", and I can't help but watch and suffer the pains of emotion caused by a movie like The Shawshenk Redemption.


I can understand the entire Mets/Sox thing. And I might even understand Under the Tuscan Sun. But never having seen The Simpsons? You are dead to me.