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It's my blog and I'll confess if I want to

Ok, I'm going with a list now. You have all made me feel so comfortable outing myself. * I love the movie Legend of Billie Jean, too! * I miss the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (original version). I had a huge crush on Tommy (White Ranger mode) and I thought Bulk and Skull were funny. I thought the villians were fantastic. * I think The Stuff and Toxic Avenger are quality movies. * Not only have I never seen Titanic, but I've never seen Gone With the Wind, either. * Insert something about Natalie Portman here. * My thing for Seth Green has gone beyond the crush stage. It's not like I even want to marry the guy. I just want to own him. * I hated Chasing Amy. Ok? Happy now? The whole plot, the dialogue, the ending - My Kevin Smith collection stops at Mallrats. * I am the world's worst housekeeper.


I thought Tommy was way cooler when he was the rebel Green Ranger. He was dangerous, know what I mean? Pissed me off when they removed the spell on him.

"The Toxic Avenger" is a quality movie.

Don't ever see "Titanic". Possibly the sappiest movie ever.

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