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Open Mic Night Guest: That Met Fan Guy

After Michele tried to "out" me this afternoon, I thought I'd take this opportunity to get some of the real skeletons out of my closet. I'm not ashamed to admit, though I should be... (Sports) That in 1982 when the Mets traded Lee Mazzilli my dad sat my mom, younger brother, and I down at the kitchen table and gently broke the news to us. I'm not sure if my dad cried but the rest of weeped like grandma died. (Music) Everyone in my office knows to quiet down when "Don't Stop Believin'" by Journey comes on the Muzak. (Movies) I firmly believe that The Legend of Billie Jean is a masterpiece. Fair is Fair! Fair is Fair! Fair is Fair! (TV) Me and my buddies would watch My So Called Life religiously in college. (And I watched it again when MTV aired the full series.) Well, that's all your going to get out of me tonight. I've got "things to do" with a certain colossal-headed friend of mine. On the odd chance that any of the above is at all interesting, drop by Fine? Why Fine? Thanks, Michele.