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Open Mic Night Guest: Phil Dennison

"Shame? " What is this "shame" of which you speak? Your moral concepts are frightening and confusing! You see, I may just be a simple unfrozen caveman, but I: 1. Totally dig Olivia Newton-John. Everything from "Please Mr. Please" to "Xanadu" to "Twist of Fate." I don't even classify her as a guilty pleasure, 'cuz I don't feel the least bit guilty. 2. I think Tom Cruise is one of the best actors of the last twenty years, and I think he gets a really bad rap from people who should know better. I think he'll be remembered by future movie watchers like we remember solid actors like John Garfield today. 3. I had a mullet in high school. A great, big puffy mullet that resulted from trying to get Duran Duran hair. 4. I have never, ever seen a single episode of "Beverly Hills 90210" or "Melrose Place." 5. I think "A Confederacy Of Dunces" is the most overrated piece of literary garbage ever foisted on the American public. -- Phil


My brother tried to foist A Confederacy of Dunces on me. I struggled through the first two chapters, thoroughly nauseated, then gave it back to him and told him I thought it was utter crap that never would have been published if the dude hadn't offed himself.

If only he'd done it sooner.

But this Tom Cruise thing . . . I can forget you said the Tom Cruise thing, right? Right?

100 Years of Solitude is much worse !!