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Open Mic Night Guest: Allah

1. I didn't see "Titanic" and I'm probably never gonna. 2. I find Chris Muir's "Sam" character more than a little attractive. 3. I've thought seriously about quitting my blog every day for, oh, the past seven months or so. 4. My fondest childhood memory is of the ball rolling through Buckner's legs. 5. I know what a "dutch oven" is. But not from personal experience. In the house.


Here is what I am ashamed of:




Now get me another beer, woman.

Dude, Sam is MINE.

Steve, get your own beer. Unless you're cooking.

Jeez, who doesn't want Sam!

Who is this Buckner that you talk about in your childhood, I thought you had no beginning? Someone you cursed long ago?

I just made beer butt chicken.

To go with my existing beer butt.