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Open Mic Night Guest: JFH

1. I've taken off all my clothes (okay, I left on my underwear) at the North Pole. 2. I've been late to work, multiple times, because I needed to see how a Power Rangers episode ended (and claimed it was quality time with my 5 year-old son) 3. Even, if the costs were the same, I'd pick a Carnival Cruise over a cruise on the Queen Mary II. 4. I'm still very scared of clowns and ventriloquist dummies.. Thank God for the Internet to let me know I'm not alone. 5. I have NEVER found Lucille Ball the slightest bit funny. (Along with a bunch of other old comics we're supposed to revere 'cus they were the inspiration to the REAL funny people of today.)


Power Rangers kick ass! My four year old consoled me when Ninja Storm ended and DinoThunder started up. I really miss those guys. [sniff]

Another thing I'm ashamed to admit: one of Lothar's nieces (Ninja Storm) is now a Power Ranger in DinoThunder... I miss 'em too BTW.

I never thought Lucille Ball was funny either. She bugs me.

The worst thing is, my husband's hometown (Jamestown, NY) is her birthplace. It's filled with Lucy memorabilia and there's a Lucy museum. Uggh..