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A Small Shame: My Own Confessions

It's my site so I can make my own rules. I'm going to do one at a time. A while ago, I posted about the ridiculous coffee set-up at 7-11. bq. Do you want coffee or a three course dessert? Take the god damn coffee cup. Pour coffee. Pour milk. Put cover on. Leave. Why do you want to mix your coffee with all that crap? Itís 8am, people! Who the hell wants whipped cream and chocolate sauce at 8am? Coffee is not supposed to taste like it was made in a bakery. And if you want flavored coffee (ok, admittedly, I do go for those caramel frappucinos) then go to Starbucks, where people expect you to spend ten minutes pondering your choices while the snarly cashier taps her fingers on the counter waiting for you. Itís part of the ambience! At 7-11, youíre just crowding the aisles while Iím trying to get my regular coffee and a pack of gum. And now, my shame. I've been going to 7-11 every morning. I grab a cup - a 25 oz cup no less - and I always intend to just have straight coffee. But something happens. I look at all those flavors, all those creams and all those syrups. I give in. Every day. Today it was hot chocolate. Well, about 1/2 cup hot choclate. And then a bit of steamed milk. A few drops of blueberry creme coffee. A squirt of caramel syrup. Oh, what the hell. A dash of vanilla flavoring, too. By the time noon rolled around, I had four new cavities and six extra pounds. But it was so damn good. I'm already thinking about tomorrow. Perhaps the raspberry coffee with steamed milk and hazelnut syrup, then just a slight shake of the chocolate powder. I used to be a coffee purist. I am so ashamed.


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Somehow, it would have been easier if you had confessed to loving the Mets. Hazelnut syrup and raspberry coffee?

I'm laughing on the outside but I'm crying on the inside.

What's next? Fruit bagels?!

What's next? Fruit bagels?!


I remember this post, Michele. I never had a problem with people that want the froo-froo coffee; just get the f**k out of my way! I need my black coffee NOW! If you don't NEED the coffee, move aside.