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My Secret Shame: Open Mic Night Guest: Zomb(ie)boy

  1. I watch American Idol. Obsessively. I'm ashamed.
  2. The first album I ever bought was Barry Manilow Live. I'm sorry.
  3. I have a Prince Albert. I'm not so sorry about that. Actually, I think it's pretty cool--once I got past all the bleeding and stuff.
  4. I cried when Goose died in Top Gun. I feel so un-manly.
  5. I sort of think Ayn Rand was a complete nutter. In the circles I run in, that could probably be considered a deadly insult.
This list of shame brought to you by the letter Z.


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Nice spelling of zombie!

Just for you, of course. It's my almost-secret identity.

I guess if you received a phone call inquiring whether you had Prince Albert in a can, it would take on a whole different meaning.

Good lord, we both mentioned Top Gun. I didn't even read your post when I wrote mine. :)

Andy, you sad bastard, you should be ashamed. So there.

Joe, if anyone ever asks that, I'll just be shuddering under the weight of all the psychological pain...