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Meet the Mets, Beat off Mr. Met,

Not when it comes to all things Mets/Yankees.

The truth about why Rob loves Mr. Met.

[click for hideous size]

You really don't want to be startin' something with me, dude.


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Hi, my name is John H., and I am a closet Met fan. The first MLB game I ever went to was at Shea in '69, the opponent being the Cubs. I rooted for the home team. My mother, being from Chicago, rooted for the Cubs and taught me how to score a game.

I asked my aunt and uncle, who we were staying with in Massapequa Park, why we didn't go to a Yankees game (even at 7 I knew more about the Yankees than any other team). I was told that all Long Islanders were Met fans; only people in New York City and people from Jersey were Yankee fans.

Michele, are you trying to tell me my family lied to me?

That is an urban, or should I say suburban, legend.

I know more Yankee fans than Met fans. Of course, Yankee fans don't hide.

i wish they would.

I am SO glad I'm a Braves fan.

LET'S GO PHILLIES!!! Philadelphia is in the mutha f-cking hi-izzle beotch!

Oh and why wd anyone want to talk about baseball in May....unless their hockey team(s) SUCK!


Heh. Go Fightin' Phils!

I read Mr. Met's dialogue and I hear South Park Saddam's voice.

So not cool, so not cool.

Funny as hell, and I guess somewhat warranted, but so not cool.

Thank God there are no photoshopped pictures of me and FredBird out there. (For those of you not in the know that's the STL Cardinals mascot)

Mr.Met r u really a baseball or r u humen?

Mr.Met r u really a baseball or r u humean?

Mr. Met, Have you ever got beaten up by another Mascot? If so, why?